Halloween for the lazy and desperate

The working world seems to celebrate Halloween just as much as the chocolate-keen child and the booze-ridden varsity student, although there is an added pressure to dress up as something simultaneously funny, topical and creative.

Having left most of my novelty gear in various bars, res rooms and my childhood home over the years, I Googled “lazy Halloween costumes” where I discovered a saving grace for people like me. If you’re skint, couldn’t care less and driven by the knowledge that the shit that makes up your costume will probably be out of your possession by the next morning, these costume ideas can help. These are mostly made up of things you can easily buy or find lying around the house. A bonus is that they require no paint or glitter (my friend Cam calls the “herpes of crafts”). Paint looks great for about an hour until you want to start living your life again by drinking a beer or dancing which turns you into a messy preschooler. The only solution to this is to “Go Gaga” and look like a mess from the start.

lazy halloween

This kid has life figured out and will go far, developing the social media we are going to use in 2030. Image: http://www.funcage.com

lazy halloween costume

Turbo lazy Image: http://www.hercampus.com

This may be my favourite if not very work appropriate. Image: http://halloween-ideas.wonderhowto.com/

lazy halloween costume

Adult Halloween: ruining your childhood since the internet. Image: http://www.funcage.com

lazy halloween costume

Max Fischer (Rushmore optional) No surprise I found this in an album called “Brooklyn Halloween 08” Image: http://www.flickr.com

lazy halloween

Expect eyerolls and people not thinking you’re cool. Image: http://www.dailyedge.ie

lazy halloween

He definitely got some in the bathroom. Image: http://www.dailyedge.ie

Honourable Mention goes to GQ. They tick topical, humorous and easy by suggesting dudes go as Meltdown Shia Le Beouf.

Tried and tested costumes to save anyone are:

  • Buying a witch/wizard hat and wearing a cape
  • Dressing like Tom Cruise in Risky Business if you know you aren’t going to be actually dancing on tables
  • Drawing “S” on a white shirt, wearing white pants and going as “salt.” ( A friend could be Pepper).
  • Wes Anderson movies have tons of individual specific characters to crib off.

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