20 reasons to #discoverOverberg

If you live in South Africa, you won’t be disappointed by the Overberg region.


Pictures often tell you what you need to know more effectively that pages of descriptive words so we thought we’d whet your appetite for a sho’t left into the countryside with 20 evocative images that are reason enough to plan your next getaway to the Overberg…

1. For mountains with sea views

2. For whale breaches

3. …and whale tails

4. For luxury holidays

5. …and fields of fynbos

6. For fresh fish

7.  …and fishing

8. For close encounters of the great white kind

9. For rainbows

10. For dirt roads

11. …and roadtrips

12. …and canola fields forever

13. For snow

14. For an ‘organic’ childhood

15. …and farm animals

16.  For harbours

17. …and lighthouses

18. For long beaches

10. …and long walks

19. or simply getting lost in nature

Feel free to follow these talented folk for more enticing imagery… and add your own by using…

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