Why Your Quarter-Life Crisis Is Actually A Good Thing (I Promise)

Thought Catalog

Somewhere around our mid-20s, we begin to freak out. We compare our lives to the vision we had for them when the present was the future; we measure our successes against those of our peers.

Our futures seem like a vast ocean of abstruseness, and we stand on the shoreline contemplating all the ways to make it across.

Even those of you out there who are shouting at your screens, “Not me! I’ve got it all figured out!” will wake up one day with the nagging feeling that maybe there are other options to explore. That maybe everything you thought you knew is wrong. That if you don’t veer off-course now, you never will.

The quarter-life crisis is more than a cliché. For most of us, this is the first time we’re making Big Life Decisions by ourselves. We felt like we had choices in school, and to some degree…

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