Prepare For Season 6 Of ‘The League’ With A New Poster And The Official Soundtrack

Fear boner!


The League

FXX’s wonderful fantasy football series The League returns at 10 PM ET on September 3, and it’s probably going to be the most intense season yet, what with the Shiva and Sacko Bowl winners living under the same roof and sleeping in the same bed. When we last left our favorite crude and dysfunctional fantasy football league, Jenny had crushed what little was left of Andre’s pride by defeating him for the Shiva trophy, while Pete hit rock bottom in losing to Kevin for the Sacko. And then there was Taco doing typically Taco things.

The League’s official Twitter page shared a new poster for Season 6 today, and it doesn’t actually reveal anything about the new season, unless there is a unicorn involved and the entire gang rides him around. That would be pretty awesome, but I think it might get a little old after a few episodes.

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