San Julian Taco and Tequila, authentic Mexican in Cape Town

Went here for my birthday- awesome pork sandwich!


Braving rain, hail and gale force winds,  I went searching for authentic Mexican food in Cape Town.. and found it!

Since going to America a few years ago and discovering the joy that is Mexican food, I’ve searched in vain for something authentic and similar in Cape Town. For the most part, all you get is cheese, beans, a little bit of vinegary guacamole, and more cheese. So when I heard about San Julian Taco and Tequila, an apparently authentic Mexican restaurant in the CBD, I wasn’t that all that hopeful. But the name kept coming up in magazines and blogs, and eventually I couldn’t help but take notice. It claimed to be real Mexican food, made by real Mexicans. So, finally, I decided to give Mexican in Cape Town just one last try, and even convinced a couple of fellow diners to come along.

Quirky decor, perfect lighting and…

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