The best of the internet: Game of Thrones S4

I am a self-confessed Game of Thrones nerd, or as the succinct John Bender would put it: “neomaxizoomdweebie.”

In addition to reading the books and watching the show, I have grown to love fans’ internet reactions to it. I have combed the net to find the best Game of Thrones fan stuff. These people internet good.


Back again with a whole host of new impressions, the extremely great Steve Love.


This season I have been happy to note that Littlefinger is more of a big player thanks to his seemingly endless bag of tricks. This has garnered him much popularity with Tumblrs popping up like whores in Flea Bottom.

mywaterway: scampea: Poor Sansa. Lucky Sansa!

seeyouintheacidbath: That moment when asked to give his character some advice, Aidan inadvertently creates the words for House Baelish. "Keep shady."

Why we love Petyr Baelish

why-we-love-petyr-baelish: 71. Because he doesn’t take Cersei seriously. Submitted by Anonymous

why-we-love-petyr-baelish: 67. Because of his fabulous undercut. Before it was cool.  Submitted by

The cast being awesome


Bad lip reading

Honest trailer

Reactions to episodes

Uproxx has done a stellar recap after each episode and compiled all the best reactions on the internet with “Game of Lulz”.


My favourite.

Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal

Guys, it’s very possible to want to be in a 3-way relationship.

Lannister and Martell peace treaty passed.


Lena Headey’s Instagram


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