Todoroki Ravine and Kuhonbutsuji Temple

The breathtaking gardens of the Kuhonbutsu Temple in Japan.

Quirky Japan Blog

I had an urge to go out and take pictures last weekend, so despite the rain, I headed to the Jiyugaoka area to see Kuhonbutsuji Temple and the Todoroki Ravine. Photographing in the rain isn’t bad at all as long as you have something plastic to keep your camera dry with and you can get some quite interesting shots.

I took the Hibiya and Tokyu Oimachi Lines  Kuhonbutsu Station, which is just a couple minutes walk from Kuhonbutsuji Temple. It’s quite an atmospheric temple with some nice sculptures and a beautiful garden.
kuhonbutsu path

kuhonbutsu feet

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Win double tickets for TRANSITION featuring Berg

Win tickets to see Berg next week Friday for facemeltingly good beats.


One thing’s for sure, there’s no such thing as “too much Berg.” The mighty prog-master returns to South Africa on the 4th of July. This time, he’ll be bringing his beautiful beats to Dragon Room along with local all-stars Deliriant, Headroom, Bruce, The Commerical Hippies, Sway and others. We’re giving away double tickets to the event. Enter our competition to win. Details below.


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The best of the internet: Game of Thrones S4

I am a self-confessed Game of Thrones nerd, or as the succinct John Bender would put it: “neomaxizoomdweebie.”

In addition to reading the books and watching the show, I have grown to love fans’ internet reactions to it. I have combed the net to find the best Game of Thrones fan stuff. These people internet good.


Back again with a whole host of new impressions, the extremely great Steve Love.


This season I have been happy to note that Littlefinger is more of a big player thanks to his seemingly endless bag of tricks. This has garnered him much popularity with Tumblrs popping up like whores in Flea Bottom.

mywaterway: scampea: Poor Sansa. Lucky Sansa!

seeyouintheacidbath: That moment when asked to give his character some advice, Aidan inadvertently creates the words for House Baelish. "Keep shady."

Why we love Petyr Baelish

why-we-love-petyr-baelish: 71. Because he doesn’t take Cersei seriously. Submitted by Anonymous

why-we-love-petyr-baelish: 67. Because of his fabulous undercut. Before it was cool.  Submitted by

The cast being awesome


Bad lip reading

Honest trailer

Reactions to episodes

Uproxx has done a stellar recap after each episode and compiled all the best reactions on the internet with “Game of Lulz”.


My favourite.

Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal

Guys, it’s very possible to want to be in a 3-way relationship.

Lannister and Martell peace treaty passed.


Lena Headey’s Instagram

INTERVIEW: Little Daylight at Governors Ball

The awesome Little Daylight.

Sounds N Spirits

I first saw Little Daylight in Los Angeles last year when they opened for Bastille at the El Rey Theatre. Since then, the indie pop band have continued to play shows, remix songs, and  perform on shows like Late Night with Seth Meyers, all while working on their debut album “Hello Memory,” which you can pre-order now. The indie-pop band was kind enough to answer some questions I had after their fantastic set at Governors Ball in New York City last week. Enjoy the interview!

Little Daylight: Photo Credit Tim Saccenti Little Daylight: Photo Credit Tim Saccenti

How was it playing a festival in your hometown (NYC)? The tent was pretty packed!

LD:  Hometown shows are like stepping into A/C on a hot summer day. It’s a blast of “ahhhhh!” And Governor’s Ball was about as cool as it gets. Yeah, the tent was freaking packed. Matt was trying to look at every part of…

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Good music Friday

This week, I finally got myself a SoundCloud account and have some stellar gems to share with you all (Read: the one person who reads this).

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You have probably heard this lady on the radio or seen her motherflipping cool music video.  In. Love.

Jamie XX

I am a huge fan of Jamie XX (listen to his newest release, Sleep Sound) and unearthed this mix he did for Radio 1’s Young Turks. Holy hell.


I had never heard of these guys before I saw DIY tweet about their new single. While it seems people are comparing them to the now disbanded heavy pop act, WU LYF, I can safely say that these guys are onto something else entirely. For one, the vocals are intensely articulate and the lyrics blow WU LYF out the water. My definite pick of the month.


50 Awesome Truths My Sister Wrote Down Before Dying


Thought Catalog

Shortly after graduating from high school in 1996, my older sister Céline gave each of her friends a handwritten booklet listing some of the things she’d learned by age 18. It was a DIY graduation gift of sorts. As sisters, we shared a lot, but I wasn’t aware of this booklet’s creation until Céline’s death, at age 30, in the spring of 2009. At her funeral, one of Céline’s closest friends kindly supplied me with a copy. Of course it moved me that he had kept it for so long since I’d like to believe that Céline did a lot of things that had a lasting impact on others.


Mostly, however, reading the booklet made me smile because the decision to distribute something entitled “A Modest Compilation of Truths” at age 18 was so very pretentious—and yet, so very acceptable from a person like my sister, to whom people turned…

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Sid, Nancy and what really happens inside a dishwasher.

Today was an especially excellent day for Youtube trolling.

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cinemash Sid and Nancy

Movie was a tad annoying (Like watching a couple you know imploding despite all your good advice and also having to see the pirvate bits that are just as annoying) but I am forever grateful the movie introduced me to Sweet Disposition –a wonderful track to dance alone to. I cannot believe I haven’t seen this before. Remember where they have their altercation about who is Sid and who is Nancy? Here is the beautiful baby of that exchange.

Inside a dishwasher with a Go Pro.

We’ve always wondered. The answer is given. Bless Go Pros. What’s next? A tour of a cow’s stomachs?