7 (Free) Ways to Instantly Improve Your Day

Quite liked this! I can vouch that a cup of tea is incredibly life-affirming.

Thought Catalog

Sometimes you wake up with the feeling that today’s cards are stacked against you. If today is one of those days and you’d like to have a hand in changing your fate, here are seven ways to rig the deck to be in your favor.

1. If you’re walking somewhere, don’t look down.

I discovered this trick when I was a junior in high school as part of a theatre assignment. I honestly don’t remember what the assignment was, or why I had to do this, but it was very eye-opening to me, since it still plays a part in my life almost four years later. People constantly walk with their eyes down; avoiding eye contact with strangers, avoiding interaction with the world, or maybe just making sure they won’t trip. But while they’re watching their feet, they miss out on everything; other people passing by, the weird shaped clouds…

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