John Stamos Will Yell At You On Facebook If You Say ‘Full House’ Is Dumb

The comments are also hilarious.
Thanks to the Stamos, I am signing off all posts with my name in CAPS. L



Last week a writer for HuffPo named Annelia Alex wrote a piece titled “The Lies I Learned From Dumb TV.” It wasn’t nearly as mean as the words “lies” and “dumb” in the headline seem to imply. Rather, it was your basic “Hey, Isn’t It Ca-Razy That Things in Real Life Aren’t Like They Were in Those Shows Aimed at Children We Watched When We Were Nine” explainer that you see pop up hundreds of times a year on the Internet, occasionally written by me. (Whatever. Like you’re so great.) For example, here’s what Alex had to say about Full House in her piece.

Five minutes before the end of every episode, one of the girls would get upset, run away (to her room, to the top of a baseball dugout, into a Disney parade float, etc.), and one of the adults would say, “I’ll go talk to her.” Then…

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