Ezra Koenig Sweater Appreciation

The preppy New England style of Vampire Weekend is often the line that separates the camps between the fans and the non-fans.

ezra koenig twitter

For many, Vampire Weekend are just a little too preppy or, if you want to be mean, completely naff poshos. I personally enjoy Vampire Weekend. Their three albums have been nothing short of what I have come to expect from them without being boring or sounding derivative. Once you have listened to their music and watched videos of their interviews or live concerts, you understand their fashion choices. Even those who are ardent naysayers could find it in the hearts to respect the fact that they dress based on who they are: four music students from Columbia. It would be out of place and incredibly pretentious if Rostam Batmanglij rocked up in a ripped Nirvana shirt or slouchy beanie.

Today, I would like to focus on the object of my affection: Ezra Koenig’s sweaters. The man is very Brooklyn, although he was more Brooklyn than anyone back in 2007. But never mind that, enjoy the knitted and embroidered glory of these jumpers.

ezra koenig sweater

Ezra explains the ‘no liquids near the sweater’ rule to unruly co-eds.

The nicest looking Rorschach test.

Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend)

Ezra in his playroom.

ezra koenig sweater

Classic in a slightly darker black.

sweater ezra koenig

The cableknit that started it all.

ezra koenig

Lemon yellow for a fishing weekend with the boys. The matching sunglasses were later burned.

ezra koenig

Chuffed in Lacoste.

ezra koenig sweater

And you hold the mic, like a birdy on a branch.


ezra koenig sweater

The kind of sweater that should come with a matching fireplace and mug of Milo.

Ralph Lauren sweater

The coolest of them all.







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