Grad Student Dongs, Sh*t-Smeared Children, And Other Highlights From The James Franco Film Festival, 'FrancoFest'

URGH. James Franco makes it so hard to love him.


More than two hundred emotionally disturbed young people attended the opening night premiere of “James FrancoFest,” IFC’s weeklong celebration of all things James Franco.  To understand how significant that is, three years ago I attended a screening at their “KurosawaFest,” where there was only one other person in the audience. He was nice, but pretty old, and I’m fairly confident he died halfway through. The audience at FrancoFest was younger and more stylish, including a lady with a very visible silkscreened thong, and bearded guy in the front row who I think was Rasputin. They had all come here to see “astonishingly prolific polymath” James Franco, not  “Pineapple Express James Franco,” “Shia LeBeouf James Franco,” or “the James Franco who once walked around Paris with a dick on his nose.” Franco is a lot of things: a great actor, a sometimes activist, and a…

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