Daddy Cool: the weekly round-up of awesome

As you may have accurately assessed, I am a bit of an internet trawler (sounds better than troller. I am also less aggressive). Here what has astounded and amazed me to the point where I say, “that’s too good not to share.”

Dylan Rieder

I find a lot of stuff on Tumblr and this pick is no exception. Leaving his ridiculously good looks and legit style aside with great difficulty, Dylan Rieder is a an insanely talented skateboarder. I will let the footage speak for itself.

Porn 4 Jews

“You weren’t chosen for a reason,” Seth Rogen says to his gentile friend in Knocked Up. My one friend readily admits to her love for those who study the Torah’s teachings. Luckily, the internet has satisfied the desire for some authentic Jewish lusting. Follow Porn 4 Jews and the eye candy at Hannukah Hotties. 

porn 4 jews


Night Drive

These two Austin natives caught the attention of my ears after hearing them in a movie on the weekend. The movie was That Awkward Moment. It would have been great if the production company changed “awkward” to “painful” and “moment” to “90 mins.” Anyway, Night Drive are cool customers with a modern take on 80’s music  with their excellent use of throaty bass guitar and synth. Their single, After Dark, has been repeat; a song with a catchy hook that mesmerises you as the vocalist beseeches you to “hold me closer.” A dangerously sexy track, it is the perfect song for you to meet a mysterious stranger or head down PCH  to GTA Vice City. Own the electro-pop goodness for yourself and simply like their Facebook page to get your free download of After Dark and its remixes.

night drive band






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