Pick your playlist: sites where you can enjoy mixes

I am something of a mixtape junkie.

Some people like to listen to one genre or one artist/band on a playlist in its entirety (which I like too) but my moods are as interchangeable as the colours of a Harajuku Girl’s accessories or the sweets in a lucky packet.

I guess we cannot rightly call them “mixtapes” anymore but I remember making my first one from songs on the Cruel Intentions OST and one of the NOW60-something CDs. Contradictory tastes even at age ten. They were much more of a labour of love back then. You had to be ever so patient and wait for the whole song to be done before pushing down the record button to off. But the end result was a tape you could blast for the next 6 months. What DID we do without music sites? I didn’t even have MTV.

playlist mix tape

Oh, Bittersweet Symphony. You really helped me adjust to Grade Five.

Here are some awesome sites I recommend for playlists you can stream and enjoy besides Soundcloud, Bandcamp or 8tracks. (8tracks is one of my faves though). If you would like to enjoy mixes made by moi, I can be found on 8tracks: http://8tracks.com/kezia-synergize


Shake the Dope

I recently discovered this while researching for my Broad City post. These dudes have an entire playlist of all the show’s music AND it’s downloadable.

Cue angel chorus.

Other than that, they have other golden mixes from people with much better music taste than mine. Their January one is on repeat at the moment.

The Symposium >> The Fifties
Casual Sex >> Nothing On Earth
FIDLAR >> Gimmie Something 
Bodies of Water >> Triplets 
Jacco Gardner >> Clear the Air 
Foxygen >> No Destruction 
Wild Honey >> The Echo 
Junip >> Your Life Your Call 
Matthew Dear >> Slowdance
Smith Westerns >> 3AM Spiritual 
Dirty Gold >> Sea Hare 
The Memories >> Dancing In My Dreams 
Girlfriends >> Big Machines 
Theo Verney >> Blood Let 
Kurt Vile >> Never Run Away


A lovely lady I know has an awesome blog and posts playlists regularly. Not only that, but she conducts interviews with musicians and other interesting people, who then contribute their musical favourites.

 Psychedelic Psyblings

Don’t be put off by the name. It’s more of a homage to the fuzzy, wavy genre of psy rock than anything else because on this site, you get a panoramic tour of genres.

“A curated collection of playlists from a series of contributors, all of which are involved, as musicians, in making music we love.”

I am an avid fan of Splashh and Toto Vivian submitted a cracking playlist so I am all up in that honey. However, there are great gems submitted by musicians cooler than you to expand your musical education.

Psychedelic Psyblings Playlist: Toto Vivian / Splashh by Psychedelic Psyblings on Mixcloud

Psychedelic Psyblings Playlist: Thomas Warmsley / Temples by Psychedelic Psyblings on Mixcloud






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